Business Participation is vital to a successful Sip & Stroll, after all, we all want foot traffic! 

Every Participating Business will receive a Large Vinyl Sticker of the Sip & Stroll logo along with their business name and address listed in the official Map of the Sip & Stroll.  Checks may be made payable to Lockhart Downtown Business Association with "Sip & Stroll" in the memo line.

You may drop the money off to Miranda Platt at Loop ‘n Lils.


There are several ways of participating: 

  1. Hosting Wine in Your Shop $50 - You will get the opportunity to choose your wine or beer from either Bevvies, The Culinary Room or Caracara. Just go by one of those shops, speak to the owner and let them know which beverage you’d like. They will keep a log going and you will receive 6 bottles of wine (or the equivalent in beer) the day before the Sip & Stroll Festival. You will not be responsible for paying for the wine. Your cost of $50 should cover most of the cost of alcohol. Businesses that serve wine will need to pour their own tastings.

  2. Official Business Sponsor $100 - For bars, restaurants or businesses that simply want to participate but aren’t allowed or don’t want to serve wine/beer tastings, we are encouraging these businesses to become official sponsors at a $100 level. These businesses will not be located in the map portion of the brochure but will have signage on their windows indicating their involvement along with their name mentioned in our banner and brochure.

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Thank you for participating!