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115 W San Antonio St   |   Stop #2

Daughter’s Cabernet Sauvignon

About the Winemaker:  Central Valley Chile.  

Tasting Notes:  This smooth Cabernet Sauvignon, touched by French Oak, shows ripe berry, dark black cherry and delicate floral hints.

Pairs With: Beef, lamb, charcuterie, pasta

Available by the bottle at The Culinary Room  

Cowbell Music

113 1/2 W San Antonio St   |   Stop #3

Real Ale IPA Sampler (Beer)

About the Brewer:  Brewing beer in Blanco, TX since 1996. They make their beer with as little processing as possible. In addition to being unfiltered and unpasteurized, it never uses  preservatives or artificial colors. They start with water from the nearby Blanco River and the highest quality ingredients. Then they take the time to allow all the unique characteristics of the ingredients to shine. They  believe doing less to the beer actually creates more complexity, aroma and flavor.

Available by the 6pack  at Bevies

Take Care Apothecary

113 W San Antonio St   |   Stop #4

Twisted X Brewing Gulf Kolsch (Beer)

About the Brewer:  Brewery from Dripping Springs, TX - small-batch, craft beer

Tasting Notes:  The Gulf Kolsch is a blonde ale made with a blend of the finest European and Domestic malts for a smooth taste and clean finish.

Pairs With:   Salads, light fish/shellfish.  It is also a great brunch beer!  Pairs well with egg dishes & smoked salmon.

Available by the 6pack at Bevies

Raventos i Blanc La Rosa

About the Winemaker: The Raventos family has been growing grapes and living on the same estate since 1497!  They are committed to their origins and to the land they have been cultivating. They use biodynamic practices and the wines don’t pass any other hands but their own.  

About the Wine:

Raventos La Rosa: Pinot Noir grapes from the wine region of Penedes in Catalonia, Spain (Northeast).  

Tasting Notes: Tangy, Berry Fruit, Jasmine, Refreshing, Bright

Pairs With: BBQ!, Charcuterie, Spring/Summer Veggies, Creamy Cheeses

Perfect for Lockhart BBQ Tours.  Perfect for Ladies Night. Perfect for Everyday Drinking.

Available by the Bottle at Bevies!


Simple Sewing Solutions

111 W San Antonio St   |   Stop #5

Cavatina Premium Rosé

About the Winemaker:  Founded in 1952 and based in Trentino-Alto Adige, Schenk Italia is one of the largest wine producers and exporters of Italian Wines.    Two flying winemakers, five oenologists and highly trained staff look after the whole production process from vineyards and wineries all over Italy to the finished product.  Lead winemaker is Daniele Ress.

About the Wine:  Cavatino Premium Rose’ is a sparkling wine from Veneto, Italy.

Tasting Notes:  Grapefruit and lemon and dry.

Pairs With:  Light Lunch and cheeses or just sitting on the porch on a Spring afternoon.

Available by the bottle at The Culinary Room

Wendy R

105 N Main St   |   Stop #6


Inta Mint

107 N Main St   |   Stop #8

Bread & Butter Pinot Noir

About the Winemaker: California - Napa Valley

Tasting Notes: Juicy red fruit...think cherries & raspberries.  Cedar & bay leaf balance out the sweetness of the fruit.  Soft oak on palate which ends in a rich mouthful and long, smooth finish.

Pairs With: Roasted meats, game

Available by the bottle at Bevies

Fields & Stable Antiques

118 N Main St   |   Stop #10

Jacob’s Creek Moscato

About the Winemaker:  Jacob’s Creek is an Australian wine brand that is exported to over 60 countries.   It is owned and produced by Pernod Ricard in the small township of Rowland Flat in the Barossa Valley.  In 1847 Johann Gramp, the founder of Orlando Wines, planted some of the first grape vines in the Barossa Valley along the banks of Jacob's Creek. Over a century later, in 1976, a 1973 vintage Shiraz Cabernet Malbec became the first wine to be released under the Jacob's Creek label.

Tasting Notes:  Light  and refreshing with cool sherbet balanced by soft fruits. Tropical white peach aromas with hints of honeysuckle and lemon.

Pairs With:  Fruits, fruit desserts

Available by the bottle at Bevies 

Sol Y Luna Antiques & Art

112 N Main St   |   Stop #11

Lamoreaux Landing Estate Red Cuvee

About the Winemaker:  From Lodi, NY.  Finger Lakes region.  

Tasting Notes:  This is their house blend.  Generous red fruit and aromas of baking spices. It is easy-drinking and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Pairs With: Pizza, lasagna, BLT’s for a start.  Goes with everyday food.

Available by the bottle at Bevies


108 N Main St   |   Stop #13

Loica Sauvignon Blanc

About the Winemaker:  The Pacific Ocean has a strong influence on the cool-climate coastal valleys of Chile.  The Humboldt Current provides cool sea breezes, giving this wine good balance and natural acidity and minerality.  

About the Wine:   Loica Sauvignon Blanc comes from Leyda Valley and is characterized by fresh and crisp acidity.

Tasting Notes:  Lychee, grapefruit and honeysuckle

Pairs With:  Cheeses, Oysters, Salmon, Salads

Available by the Bottle at The Culinary Room

Lulu's Lunchbox

106 N Main St   |   Stop #14

Alianca Vinho Verde

About the Winemaker:  Produced in Venho Verde, Portugal by Francisco Antunes, one of the world’s most revered winemakers.

About the Wine:  Alianca Vinho Verde is a highly regarded wine, especially for summer drinking.  The strong distinctive character and originality is the result of soil and climate characteristics and social-economic agents, on one hand, and of the grape varieties and the vine growing on the other.  The vines are distinguished by their great vegetative expansion in severe conditions.

Tasting Notes:  Crisp and fresh, light and fruity.  Well balanced.

Pairs With:  On its own, or with salads, seafood, chicken, pasta and Asian cuisine.

Available by the Bottle at The Culinary Room

Potter’s Field

103 E San Antonio   |   Stop #15

El Miracle Cava Brut

About the Winemaker: Vincente Gandia from the Cava region of Spain

Tasting Notes:  Dusty lime and tarragon aromas come with notes of apple and toast. Zesty & fresh.

Pairs With:  Shellfish, salty cheeses, cured meat

Available by the bottle at The Culinary Room

The Culinary room

101 E San Antonio   |   Stop #16

Cipriani Bellini

About the Winemaker:  It was invented in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry’s Bar in Venice and served in every Cipriani location around the world.  

About the Wine:  The world famous cocktail consists of white peach pulp and brut sparkling wine.

Tasting Notes:  This cocktail has a pleasant nuance which recalls the tonalities of delicate white peaches.  It has an elegant and embracing bouquet and astonishes for its freshness, which exalts its fruitiness.  

Pairs With:  Perfect anytime.  Can be enjoyed as an aperitif.

Available by the bottle at The Culinary Room

Hahn Merlot

About the Winemaker:  Their first wine was put out in 1980 in the Santa Lucia Highlands in Monterey (central coast California).   Today, Hahn Family Wines owns and sustainably farms 650 acres of estate vineyards in the Santa Lucia Highlands.  

Tasting Notes:  A rich, dark garnet color in the glass with vibrant purple shimmer, this Merlot displays aromas of ripe plum, rich cocoa, blueberry, and violet with hints of juicy black cherry. A luscious mouthfeel full of dark fruit, hints of sweet spice, and restrained astringency lead into a delicious, lingeringnish lled with toasty oak undertones.

Pairs With:  Italian style sausages, jambalaya, seared blackened salmon

Available by the bottle at Bevies

lonestar workshop

105 E San Antonio   |   Stop #17

Rollfast Ranchwear

107 E San Antonio St   |   Stop #18

La Grande Corniche Rosé

About the Winemaker:  The Corniche is the local name for the Mediterranean coastline of Provence.  Meandering around the coves of Saint-Tropez through Cannes & Nice towards Monaco.

About the Wine:  A quintessential Provence rose’: dry and full of joy, freshness and bright fruit.  Using Grenache provides depth of flavor while the partnering Cinsault grape delivers an uplifting zing.

Tasting Notes:  Bright and fruity, with hints of  grapefruit and pear.

Pairs With:  Light seafood, salads, vegetarian pastas and chicken.

Available by the bottle at The Culinary Room

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101 E San Antonio St   |   Stop #19

Daughters Chardonnay

About the Winemaker:  Produced in the Cachapoal Valley, a central wine zone in Chile that forms the northern half of the Rapel Valley region.  The eastern edge is marked by the western slopes of the Andes.

About the Wine:  Daughters is a modern Chardonnay that is slightly touched by French oak.  

Tasting Notes:   Bursting with peach, pineapple and yellow plum flavors; well balanced with a long, elegant and mineral-note finish.  

Pairs With:  Enjoy slightly chilled by itself or paired with chicken, creamy sauces, seafood and sushi.

Available by the bottle at The Culinary Room

Italia Prosecco Brut

About the Winemaker:  Established in 2003, Adria Vini is a winemaking venure jointly owned by Boutinot and Araldica Castelvero, the leading co-operative in the Monferrato hills of Piemonte.  All aspects of production, from grape selection through to vinification, maturation, blending and bottling are meticulously overseen by Araldica’s winemaking team of Claudio Manera and Lella Burdese.

About the Wine:  Italia Prosecco Brut is produced from selected parcels of Glera grapes grown north-east of Treviso.  Hand harvested at optimal ripeness to give the required balance between aromatics and good acidity. Ag gentle pneumatic pressing followed by slow, cool fermentation in stainless steel.  Second fermentation takes place in tank, over 4 weeks.

Tasting Notes:  Citrus and green apple aromas, with hints of stone fruit.  The palate has more delicate citrus and grapey notes with zesty acidity and a soft and appealing finish.

Pairs With:  As an aperitif or with cheeses and breads.  Also, pairs well with salads and seafood.

Available by the bottle at The Culinary Room

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102 S Commerce St   |   Stop #20

Evolucio Furmint White

About the Winemaker:  From Hungary.  This wine is made with Furmint grapes from the Tokaj region.

Tasting Notes:  Late summer fruits like peach and pear on nose. Intense acidity brightens the palate and balances the luscious fruit. Try it alongside grilled chicken, Caesar salads or Manchego cheese.

Pairs With: Grilled chicken, caesar salads or manchego cheese  

Available by the bottle at Bevies

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110 S Commerce St   |   Stop #21



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207 E Market St   |   Stop #22

Vicchiomaggio San Jacopo Chianti Classico

About the Winemaker:  Tuscany, Italy.  The Matta Family were once wine importers in the 1920’s turned winemakers in the 1960’s.

Tasting Notes:  Hints  of raspberry and cherry on nose follow over to the extremely simple, light-bodied palate along with a hint of clove. Loose tannins offer relaxed support.

Pairs With:  Lamb, roasted meats.

Available by the bottle at Bevies

made for walkin’

209 E Market St   |   Stop #23

Llama Old Vine Malbec

About the Winemaker:  Argentina.  Produced by Belasco De Baquedano.  Family is from Spain. Started winemaking in Spain in the early 1980’s..  They became infatuated with the Malbec grape and set their sights on old vine vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina.  

Tasting Notes:  Modern wine with attractive dark cherry-red color with violet hues. The nose shows great intensity. Fruity aromas of cherries, blackberries and plums stand out against a background of fine toasty hints from ageing in top-quality oak. Warm, rounded and well-structured on the palate, with an explosion of fruit flavors underscored by light oaky notes. Pleasant, persistent aftertaste.

Pairs With:  Hard cheese such as Manchego, barbequed meat dishes

Available by the bottle at Bevies

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200 E Market St Suite D   |   Stop #25

For a Song Chardonnay

About the Winemaker:  Washington State.  For a Song is a collaboration between a winemaker & wine importer.  Their wines are sourced from vineyards spanning the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Tasting Notes:  Aromas of kaffir lime, orange peel and mission fig burst from the glass. On the palate, citrus flavors continue along with savory notes of lavender and thyme.  Minerally with a lively acidity.

Pairs With:   Pork, Rich fish (salmon, tuna etc), Vegetarian, Poultry

Available by the bottle at Bevies

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112 E Market St   |   Stop #26

Buffalo Clover

104 E Market St   |   Stop #28

JP Azeitao Moscatel Graudo Fernao Pires

About the Winemaker:  Founded in 1922 under the name of Joao Pires & Sons, these winemakers made a long journey asserting themselves as one of the most innovative wine producers of Portugal.  

About the Wine:  JP Azeitao Moscatel which is cellared in the traditional fashion:  hot in the summer and cold in the winter. This causes a considerable share of the wine to evaporate from the barrels, which is known as “the angels’ share”, and results in increased intensity.

Tasting Notes:  Slightly fleshy with hints of white grapes, orange soda, spices and herbs.

Pairs With:  Great with light shellfish dishes and salads or on its own as an aperitif.

Available by the Bottle at The Culinary Room

Texas South Wind Blackberry

About the Winemaker:  Fruit wine producer from Refugio, Texas

Tasting Notes:  White blend.  Heavy and rich.

Pairs With:  Alone as an aperitif or dessert wine.  Also goes well with desserts in which fruit is the star.

Available by the bottle at Bevies

All about you boutique

212 S Main St   |   Stop #31

Gaslight Baker Theatre

216 S Main St   |   Stop #32

Bacio Della Luna Prosecco Brut

About the Winemaker:  Veneto, Italy

Tasting Notes:  Pale yellow-straw with hints of green color; stone fruits, green apple on the nose; white flowers, green apples on delicate nose; green apple, pear, peach, hint of honey on the palate.

Pairs With:  Seafood

Available by the bottle at Bevvies

Kourtaki Mavrodaphne of Patras Sweet Red

About the Winemaker:  Peloponnese region of Greece.  Grape is Mavrodaphne.

Tasting Notes:  Rich, raisiny & rustic much like a port wine.

Pairs With:  Drink alone or with light desserts

Available by the bottle at Bevies

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205 B S Main St  |   Stop #34

Vogel Furniture

117 W Market St   |   Stop #35

Vintage Cowboy Merlot

About the Winemaker:  Santa Margarita, California.  Vintage Cowboy Winery was inspired by The Arnold family’s heritage of cowboys, western lifestyle, and their love for ranching in San Luis Obispo County. They believe in cowboy values and keeping the western way of life alive. For five generations the Arnold family has lived and worked on the original ranch land in Pozo, raising beef cattle, horses, and farming a variety of crops. They planted their 32 acre vineyard in 1995.  The vineyard sits beneath the Santa Lucia Mountain Range where it benefits from the coastal influence coming through the mountain passes. The extreme temperature fluctuation during the growing season results in uniquely flavorful wines.

Tasting Notes: Rich aromas of plum, clove and red ripe apple.  Hints of Bing cherries, nutmeg and vanilla pair well with the sweet tannins and a soft round finish.  Aged for 24 months in American & French Oak.

Pairs With:  Hard, aged cheeses, roasted meats like lamb

Available by the bottle at Bevies

Westy's Pharmacy

113 S Main St   |   Stop #36

Local Beer from Caracara Brewery

About the Beer: more details coming!


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101 S Main St   |   Stop #37

Calvo Chianti

About the Winemaker:  Prodced in Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy

Tasting Notes: Sangiovese, Canaiolo Nero, Merlot Grapes.  Ruby red in color, light and dry with hints of cherry and berry.

Pairs With:  Pizza, rich pastas, burgers, game

Available by the bottle at Bevies